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High Blood Pressure and Weight Loss

Is there a positive connection between high blood pressure and weight loss? The answer is YES. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a common risk factor for people who are obese. If a person is carrying excess weight, the heart is required to work harder and in turn that additional stress is passed on to the entire circulatory system resulting in high blood pressure. If you have ever taken your pulse or seen a vein on your arm or leg throb, you know that the blood vessels are always contracting and expanding. Naturally there is only so much stress these vessels can withstand before they fail. High blood pressure is often referred to as the silent killer since it may reach dangerous levels without noticeable symptoms.

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When you experience weight loss, that stress is reduced. Bariatric surgery can promote rapid weight loss, and eliminate the risks and symptoms associated with high blood pressure. You may also see insulin levels, cholesterol and other numbers drop as that excess weight comes off. These are signs that your body is beginning to regulate itself normally again, and may even mean that you can stop some of the medications you have been taking. As you continue to modify your eating habits and exercise regularly, you will find you new body can regulate itself without any help at all.

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