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Life After Bariatric Surgery

When you complete the first six weeks after your surgery, you move from the immediate recovery phase to your new life after bariatric surgery. You won’t be in pain anymore and the newness of your surgery will be gone, so it will be important for you to remind yourself that you are in a new body and have to adopt new habits.

life after bariatric surgeryPatient Handbook

Prior to surgery, you will be given a handbook that contains all the information you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight after your bariatric surgery. You should read this before your surgery date and become familiar with the diet and lifestyle changes you will have to make. It may also be helpful for your family members, partner or spouse to read it so that they can know what to expect and help you as you transition to your new life. Information in the handbook includes:

  • Preparing for your surgery
  • Office instructions, policies and procedures
  • General post-surgical instructions
  • Medications
  • Problems you may encounter
  • Basics
  • Your diet
  • Exercise
  • Returning to work
  • Birth control and pregnancy
  • Long-term follow-up
  • Support groups

Follow-Up Visits

Weight loss is a lifetime commitment to health and well-being, so it should not surprise you to learn that you will also be required to attend follow-up visits for life. The visits start one week out from bariatric surgery and gradually span to once-yearly checkups. You are required to return for evaluation on the following schedule:

  • Five to seven days: Initial postoperative evaluation
  • One month: Physician evaluation; psychological and nutritional follow up as needed
  • Three months: Diet assessment, assessment of compliance with vitamins and exercise; psychological follow-up as needed
  • Six months: Physician evaluation and blood work
  • Nine months: Assessment of diet, compliance with vitamins and exercise
  • Twelve months: Physician evaluation and yearly blood work
  • Once yearly: Physician evaluation and blood work

It is our sincere desire that your new life after bariatric surgery is one you will continue to enjoy for a lifetime.  Long-term follow-up care is essential to your success, and missing office visits could compromise the outcome of your weight loss surgery. If you have any questions about gastric bypass or gastric sleeve aftercare in Denton, please give our office a call 940-387-7599.

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