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Meet Michelle Pollock



Before finding my passion in the field of nutrition, I was like many, living an obese life, surrounding
social engagements around food, putting physical activity on the backburner, and allowing myself to
simply let go. It came to a point where I could no longer fit into my regular clothes, received comments about my weight, and struggled to do normal activity without feeling winded. This pushed me to get myself back on track with my dietary habits and exercise. After losing a majority of the weight, I concluded, nutrition was a passion of mine. I also felt as though people like me needed someone to relate to and I was able to provide that.

I am now a registered and licensed dietitian at Expert Surgical, The Bariatric Experts. I graduated from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX and was accepted into a rigorous ACCEND accredited dietetic internship program at Medical City Hospital in Dallas. There I worked closely with some of the best clinical and community dietitians in the DFW area. I have since dedicated much of my focus to the clinical and bariatric fields. Currently I work here as the bariatric dietitian full time and also lend my expertise as the clinical dietitian at a short term and long term acute care hospital.

In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my 5-year- old daughter. As a mom, I can understand how life can be chaotic with work, raising kids, holding down a relationship with loved ones and friends, on top of taking time out for myself. This is where I want to make what we eat as easy as possible. While some creativity and prep time are required for any diet that is to be balanced and healthy, planning healthy meals should not be daunting or exhausting.

I search for recipes that take little prep, utilize few ingredients, and can be enjoyed by all ages. I
research the latest trends in foods, review, and experiment them as often as possible before I
recommend a recipe. If you have gotten the chance to have a one on one consultation with me, you’ll
know I stress 3 important key factors after bariatric surgery. The first being protein at every meal and snack, increasing vegetable/fruit intake at meal time, and getting adequate hydrating fluids to meet your 64 oz/day goal. Many of the recipes I recommend will be high in protein and loaded with essential nutrients from vegetables and/or fruits. I’m also sympathetic to those who dislike certain foods and will always work with patients who would prefer to eat other foods besides ones I recommend, which is why I provide a diverse set of recipes.

During an initial nutrition evaluation, I begin by assessing and identifying a patient’s likes and dislikes, dietary habits, current social activities, and readiness for diet, lifestyle, and behavior change. My goal is to make patients aware of the risks and benefits of the procedure and ensure each patient leaves with realistic expectations for successful long-term weight loss. I highly encourage patients to begin making changes prior to surgery to ensure transition after surgery is easier.