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Why Choose ORBERA®?


Constructed of soft silicone, the ORBERA Weight Loss Balloon System is a non-surgical option that is safe, effective and faster than traditional methods of diet and exercise alone. The ORBERA technology has been proven to help patients lose up to three times the weight of those who choose to incorporate diet and exercise alone.

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How Does ORBERA Work?

First, the procedure is deemed safe by using an endoscopy to eliminate contraindications. The Orbera balloon is inserted into the stomach non-surgically. Every step of the procedure is performed under mild sedation so that you remain comfortable throughout the entire process. The gastric balloon is inserted into the esophagus and is directed toward the stomach. The deflated balloon is properly lodged in the stomach, it is then inflated with a sterile saline solution, which will make it approximately the size of a grapefruit. This entire procedure takes only 20-30 minutes to complete. In about two hours, once you are awake and recovered, you will be allowed to return home and get back to your daily routine.


How is ORBERA Different From Weight Loss Surgery?

Because the ORBERA Weight Loss Balloon is a non-surgical procedure, it leaves no scars and requires no incisions, staples or stitches. The recovery and down time are minimal, with only mild sedation required. Also, since it is a temporary, removable device, there is no permanent change in the anatomy or alteration of your stomach size.


How is ORBERA Better Than Just Diet and Exercise Alone?

Dieting can feel restrictive and often leaves you feeling hungry. Because the ORBERA balloon takes up the extra space in your stomach, you feel fuller after eating less food than you normally would, which makes it easy to practice controlling your portion sizes and food intake. Also, when you lose weight faster it is easier to begin an exercise program sooner and more comfortably, therefore you are apt to exercise more frequently.


What Happens After the Balloon is Placed?

During the next six months, while the balloon is in place, you will be coached by the ORBERA support team. Weight loss success increases when the right program is utilized to help you make a permanent lifestyle change. Using the ORBERA COACH online tool and app, you will receive:

  • personal consults with a trained dietitian
  • a food journal and tracking system
  • easy to follow recipes that are healthy and delicious
  • pre-set meal plans so shopping and cooking are made simple
  • bookmark the The Bariatric Experts Blog for wellness tips including diet and exercise.

The ORBERA program is a two step, one year process. After the first six months, the balloon is removed with a non-surgical method similar to the initial placement process. Then, you will continue to work with your team for the remaining six months, following the diet and exercise program which was designed just for you. With the ORBERA Weight Loss Balloon System, you will adopt a new, healthy outlook which will become a permanent way of life. Consult with The Bariatric Experts today!

The Bariatric Experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and offers several options for non- surgical weight loss assistance. Call us today for a free consultation to determine which program and procedure are right for you. 

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